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Homemade Mayonaisse

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I know you have it in your fridge: mayo bought from the store. Please do me a favor and throw it out. Yes, you read it correctly, get that junk off your fridge and throw it out. It’s CRAP!

While mayo is not really the best idea, when it comes to watching your weight, the truth is sometimes you actually need it in cooking. Now we’re learning how to make our own mayonaisse and stop using that horrible processed junk we pay so much for. Don’t worry, mayo is VERY EASY TO MAKE.

You need an egg yolk, a tablespoon of mustard (I’d go with Dijon) and some oil. We’re using sunflower oil a lot in Romania, you can use canola oil too or whatever you’re comfortable with. Some add a bit of a lemon juice (squeeze a lemon for this, for heaven’s sakes, don’t use other junk that’s already canned).

Place the yolk and the mustard in a bowl and start blend it at a lower speed. Add oil little by little so that it doesn’t “cut”. Some people use a boiled yolk or potato to help with the mix, I don’t use anything like this. Just a fresh yolk (not boiled, not anything), the mustard and the oil I gradually add into the mix. You can add a bit of that lemon juice and a pinch of salt.

There you have it, your own mayo. Don’t keep it too long in the fridge, it should be eaten pretty fast.

Some add yoghurt to make it less ‘oily’. I’ve done this few weeks ago for a salad and it was actually a great idea. This way you’re cutting some of the fat and make it easier on your body.

Don’t use too much mayo and try not to eat it with sandwiches and stuff like this. It’s not really your best option. Still, if you need it in your recipe, make your own. FRESH and clean, with no preservatives and all the other chemicals you find in your regular “from the store” mayonaisse.

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