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How do I lose weight?

Weight Loss - Start | : : : : : : : :

Weight loss is a very simple but not an easy process. It’s not easy, because it requires A LOT of will power and consistency, but it’s very simple, just because it relies on a very simple principle: in order to …
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Healthy and fresh.

Help your weight loss by drinking THE RIGHT THINGS

Healthy lifestyle | : : : : :

Stay hydrated! I’ve heard this many years now. I personally don’t drink as much as I should daily and it’s not good for my health. Have had a lot of small problems related to not being hydrated as I should, …
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Lose weight at work

Healthy lifestyle | : : :

If you’re not working “physically” and have a sedentary job like I do, then you’re in a great danger to either gain weight or hinder your weight loss efforts. Sitting at the desk for many hours, making some bad choices …
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You don’t need a new diet, you need a new LIFESTYLE

Healthy lifestyle | : : : : :

Everyone I know who needs to shed some kilos is on a diet. Doesn’t matter what fancy name it has or how much it costs to be on it (books, videos, products etc.) many of my friends go blindly into …
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Heather – change is possible

Weight loss success | : :

It’s been months since I discovered Heather’s blog and added her site in my bookmarks. Whenever I look for something nice to read, I’ll open my small ‘to read’ bookmarks and enjoy their articles. Heather is not only an amazing …
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